About us


Hi, I’m Mimi!

My real is Miscia Eylenbosch, but everyone calls me Mimi!

I’m a Belgian digital marketing virtual assistant living on the Isle of Anglesey, UK. I’m a confident multilingual graphic designer, website designer and content creator with creative flair and the ability to design consistent and engaging content across multiple platforms.

My mother tongue is French and I’m perfectly fluent in English. I lived in Belgium for 25 years, travelled around the world whenever the opportunity presented itself, studied Sustainable Development and Trade, and an exciting job opening brought me to the UK. My career has varied a lot. I’m a curious individual who loves to try different things. But throughout the years, I always came back to graphic design and content creation.



…and what about Mimi-Creative?

I’m also the human behind Creaposit, which I founded in 2020. I have always been attracted to graphic design and before setting up Creaposit, I was regularly involved in digital marketing as a volunteer for different charities. After working in the retail market (luxury cosmetics and environmental sector) for 7 years and with the COVID-19 situation, I decided to rethink my career and life goals, allowing my to build up the confidence to create my own business.

During the many years I have been volunteering for charities, I passionately grew their audiences by creating engaging content for their social media. With the additional courses I undertook to expand my skills across different areas, it felt right for me to invest more of my time in helping businesses and charities to succeed in their projects.

I believe my experience in different fields, such as project management, marketing, fundraising, commercial, etc. are an important asset and allows me to fully understand how I can create content for your audiences and successfully position the company on the market. My life ambition is to help my clients to chase their dreams, reach their goals and grow their businesses through an excellent Digital Marketing Strategy.

If you require any help with the marketing of your business, please feel free to get in touch with me. I will be happy to assist you.


"Surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher."

What We Believe In…


Using all our love of creativity to help people and businesses develop themselves and their business through courses, services and ready-made templates.


Our services are here to help people run their own business. We are developing courses and templates to help anyone who wants to independently run their own business and follow their own path.


We believe we can only be successful by helping others to be successful.

Making A Positive Difference

Our main purpose is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by helping them to run and market their business online. We also believe that only positive attitude is the right way to promote any services.