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Course & Membership Creation Tools

ThriveCart Learn

This is one of my favorite course creation platform.

If you’re looking at launching a course and want to have you funnels + checkout + course platform + no monthly recurring payment all together, then there is only one option: ThriveCart.

It is a very straightforward platform to use. It offers everything you need and you can customise it the way you want.


MemberVault is a great platform for hosting your membership or courses. It is user-friendly and has an amazing layout. It gives you lots of flexibity and integrates very well with a WordPress website and an email software (eg. ActiveCampaign).

I’ve been very pleased with their customer servive as well as their community which I found very helpful. I really recommend you to try the platform. They offer a free 14-days trial if you’re not sure and just want to check out the platform.

Emails & Copywriting Tools


Funnels & Checkout Tools


This is my favorite Checkout platform. It is reliable, user-friendly and will help you take your online business to the next level quickly!

Simply create engaging landing pages and powerful funnels. Earning more money has never been easier.

Graphic Design Tools

Productivity Tools




Trello is a great platform to help you with your daily task as well as keeping you on track with your goals.

When I was a VA I used it a lot as a share board with my clients so they could easily add the tasks they required me to do without having loads of small catch up call.

It’s also a great way to prepare everything for your social media or organising your launch, etc.

Most of the features are FREE so it is perfect for increasing your productivity and keeping you organise at no extra cost.


This a platform which helps you count your daily/monthly/yearly hours.

I used a lot as a virtual assistant. It was very simple to use and help keep track of my hours. You can also have separate folder per clients and tasks, which I found very useful when I had to invoice my clients so I could also give them an overview of how much time I spent on each task.

So if you’re considering freelancing and need a timer software, this is the one. And the best news is that it’s completely FREE!


Are you thinking of recording videos for your YouTube channel or podcast, or creating a course?

Well, if so, Loom is a great recording software. It is super simple to use and you can make as many videos as you want.

The only thing it doesn’t really do is editing your videos, so you will need an extra software for that.

Website Building Tools


This is my favorite hosting platform that I use to build websites including mine. The customer service support is excellent. Whenever I have an issue or a question, they answer and solve the problem very quickly.

Divi Elegant Theme*


Divi Extended Membership

Other Tools